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The Definitive Guide to making the Triumph Lover in your life happy.

Buy the right Triumph Gift

How to buy the right Triumph Gift:
The High Risk/High Reward Approach – Accessories

Why high risk? Do you know what bike your lover rides? If not this route could be troublesome. Sadly not all Triumph parts fit all Triumph bikes. High reward? Well take it from us, if your lover rides - say a Triumph Street Triple - and hasn’t yet got a full Arrow system, you will be buying not just the accessory of their dreams, but 10 years of bankable favors.

So how do you go about buying the right accessory?

Follow this simple guide: Find out what bike your lover rides. This shouldn’t be that difficult. If in doubt visit our accessories page on and go from there. Alternatively, ask your lover’s biker mates. If they describe your lover’s bike as a ‘Hog’, you are probably in the wrong place. But as long as it is a Triumph manufactured within roughly the last ten years you are definitely in the right place!

Personal Shopper: We can provide personal advice from a real Triumph fan. If you need personal help in buying the right gift, just contact Adrienne on 954-788-9550 or on email (on our Contact page). Call Adrienne now!

Are you comfortably seated?

First, follow the clues. Is your lover built for (or inclined towards) comfort or speed? If you share your Triumph lover’s bike, then you might have shared the problem of either too high a seat, or one that isn’t comfortable enough. Well here’s a good gift idea – a replacement seat. There are low seats, comfort seats, gel seats (read comfort seat for gel seat too) and low and comfortable seats, and there are seats for riders, pillions and seats that are for both riders and pillions.

There are even ‘comfort’ sportsbike seats. Although ‘comfort’ is obviously relative. However although a seat like this won’t turn your Street Triple into a cruiser, it may let you stay on the bike until it next needs fuel.

And custom seats. This one is for the Triumph Bonneville – it will fit all of the range including the Scrambler & Thruxton. The Bonneville was created with individuality in mind – no two Triumph Bonnevilles should look the same.

Built for comfort not speed – Mustang Thunderbird Studded 2-Piece Wide Touring Seat

The Mustang Thunderbird is the last word in comfort. The captain gets a 15” wide seat with backrest and the co-pilot and sits you at the ideal cruising angle. The co-pilot sits comfortably in a 11.5” wide bucket that utilizes Mustang’s unique internal steel support wings.

Built for speed AND for comfort – Triumph Street Triple comfort seat

This is unusual - a seat built with both grip for the sportier rides and comfort for the longer rides.

Triumph Bonneville Café Racer Seat with Tail Light

And this seat is designed to provide an equally unusual combination of classic style that enhances the beautiful lines of the Bonneville, Scrambler and Thruxton - and real, long-distance comfort.

Triumph Black Ribbed Bench Seat

A ribbed rider and passenger seat panel with integral 3D Net inserts for optimum weight distribution to enhance your level of comfort. Featuring stitch detailing and Triumph branding.

Triumph Brown Ribbed Bench Seat

The traditional Triumph King and Queen Seat offers button detailing and superb comfort and button detailing.

Triumph EFI King & Queen Seat

The traditional Triumph King and Queen Seat offers button detailing and superb comfort and button detailing.

So how do I pick the right seat? Just use this simple problem solver:

Rider’s bum numb on longer rides+
Check the bike model and look for a seat with the word ‘comfort’ in the description.
Pillion rider’s bum numb on longer rides+
Check the bike model and look for a seat with the word ‘comfort’ or ‘touring’ in the description.
Rider on tippy toes at lights+
Check the bike model and look for a seat with the word ‘low’ in the description
I want my Triumph to look more mine – more distinctive:+
Pick one of the several custom seats, backrests (more comfort too of course) or sissy bars available.

Is your lover’s Triumph loud enough?

If you aren’t a biker yourself this may seem like an odd question. If you are a biker then your bike can never be too loud. Other people’s bikes can be too loud (if you don’t ride a Harley then all Harley’s are too loud) but your own Triumph can never be too loud.

Of course judging whether your lover’s Triumph is loud enough is difficult for an amateur, but again we offer you this simple advice. Does you Triumph lover’s bike’s exhaust have the words Arrow or Leo Vince on it? These words are to Triumph lovers what the words Stradivarius mean to a violinist or Steinway to a pianist. They make beautiful music. If your Triumph lover is a total purist, only a complete system will do. However, near elite noise status can be achieved with a ‘slip-on’. As ‘slip-on’ is what it sounds like. It’s the final part of the exhaust or ‘silencer’ (bit of a euphemism that). A full system replaces everything (including the catalytic convertor, so don’t do this if you or your lover are a tree hugger).

Triumph Dayton 675 Arrow Slip-on

Slip-on - As its name implies, not a complete system, but very easy to fit as attaches to existing exhaust plumbing.

Triumph Speed Triple Arrow Low Boy Full Exhaust system

A minor work of art: Lovingly crafted in a unique Titanium alloy, with a carbon fiber end-cap.

Is your lover’s apparel Triumph enough?

Do you know how good Triumph apparel is? It’s a lot more than just someone else’s apparel with a Triumph logo thrown on. That’s what anyone who has bought Triumph’s rider apparel will tell you. The same care and attention to detail has gone into Triumph clothing as goes into their motorcycles. That means using designers who bring a lifetime of experience and riding to the party. As a result you get ingenuity and features that are unique to Triumph apparel. Yet despite rivalling the very best riding apparel brands in terms of quality and durability, Triumph apparel comes with a price ticket that makes it incredible value for money.

Triumph Cafe Racer Leather Jacket

The Triumph Café Racer jacket was inspired by the British café racers and rockers of the 1960s.

Triumph Raven Leather Jacket

Vintage leather construction. Removable CE protectors. Removable quilted therman liner. Zippered ventilation.

Gift Certificates

So what happens if you’re still not sure what to buy the Triumph lover in your life? Well fortunately there is another route.

You can still show your appreciation of their love of Triumph motorcycles and let your lucky Triumph rider choose their own gift.

Simply select a certificate from $25 to $1,000 and we will do the rest. You provide the recipient’s email address and we will send them a code which they can redeem on

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What if I bought the wrong thing? Unlikely of course if you used our guide – but hey you know, things happen!

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