Pure Triumph Rewards ♥ - Loyalty Program

Discounted Triumph Motorcycle Parts  We want to reward our loyal customers with the best deals they can find on Triumph Merchandise.
You already get tax-free shipping for out-of-state (Florida) deliveries and free shipping on orders of more than $98 value.

You can also receive a discount on every item you order by qualifying for our Loyalty Program - Pure Triumph Rewards ♥

How do I Qualify?

To qualify, simply spend a total of $500 with Pure-Triumph.com over a period of 365 days.

Once qualified you will receive an exclusive 10% discount on every order from Pure-Triumph.com.  This discount is not available to other customers.

Earn discount with product reviews

Earn extra discount by writing product reviews. We will award a $5 discount for each product review we publish. (Review must include useful comments about the product and not just a rating.) Max. of 10 review rewards per customer per year.

Terms & Conditions

  • The Pure Triumph Rewards ♥ discount is applied to the list price of a product. If that product is already promoted below the Pure Triumph Rewards ♥ discount price, you won't receive any additional discount.
  • The value of any returned items will be deducted from your running total.
  • Post and packing charges do not count towards your running total.
  • The annual spend threshold and discount per cent level is subject to change at any time.

Your Pure Triumph Rewards ♥ Status

You can keep track of your order history and monitor you current customer status via the My Account section on Pure-Triumph.com